Sara is a dedicated student and an experienced teacher of yoga and meditation whose passion and skill lies in making the ancient and often esoteric teachings and practices of Yoga approachable to modern humans. Sara received her 200hr and 500hr yoga teaching certification under her first teachers Mary Bastien and Jennifer Reuter at Open Space Yoga in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sara has gone on to find her dharma in lecturing, workshopping and working with private clients to bring the valuable teachings of yoga to the modern world. She travels between Hawaii and the Mainland to share her love of yoga philosophy, meditation and modern spirituality with people from all walks of life. Her offerings are unique and inspiring and emerge from her own experience and sādhanā (personal practice) which is grounded in subtle and contemplative practices such as meditation, svādhyāya (Self study), mantra and gentle asana. She has a natural gift of articulating transformative wisdom and making it practical for modern householder lifestyle. Sara's voice is clear, grounded and humble as she conveys wisdom that is vital as we navigate the shift into a species of conscious and compassionate beings capable of living in harmony with nature.  She studies non-dual Kashmir Shaivism and deep meditation with her teacher Paul Muller-Ortega and is currently enrolled in a 300hr Yoga Philosophy training with Embodied Philosophy. Her lectures and workshops are offered at yoga studios, conferences, corporate settings, hospitals, private residences, retreats and anywhere where people are looking to find depth and richness in their experience of life and Self.

Sara is an artist who has become recognized for her stunning and unique hand-tied mala beads used for meditation and japa mantra practice. She uses craft techniques to create high quality, sacred tools for spiritual practice, shop her webstore or follow her on instagram @sarawardyoga to see her latest designs and find the mala that is calling to you. 

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Honolulu, HI | Telluride, CO