The Missing Link for Modern Yogis


With the recent rise in popularity of modern postural yoga, our Western culture has taken an initial step towards the lasting freedom that was discovered by the yogis millennia ago. Experiencing and stabilizing the energetic experiences in our bodies is essential to being able to turn our awareness to the inner experience of the mind. Yet, we must understand that these beautiful physical expressions of embodiment are indeed only the beginning of creating the space and freedom that all humans long for and deserve by right of birth. Being open to the more subtle teachings and practices of yoga, especially silent seated meditation, is the key to unlocking the full potential of our form and being.  Meditation can be challenging and illusive when we first come face to face with the strange and unbridled nature of our thinking mind, but through understanding and consistent practice we can gain comfort in this creative space and come to know it as our deepest and most stable truth. 


This workshop will explore...

-The many misconceptions that have kept us from finding our seat as daily meditators

-Two different types of meditation and why they are both necessary and important practices on the path of Self discovery 

-The nature of our individual awareness and how we can guide it toward more subtle experience

-How meditation allows us to detach from our reactionary patterns and moves us in the direction of spontaneous right action that benefits ourselves and all beings everywhere

This 2 hour all-levels workshop includes lecture, discussion and contemplative practice.

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Honolulu, HI | Telluride, CO