"I am the Breath of Life" Mala

"I am the Breath of Life" Mala

The vital energy that fuels the radiant breath within us all is the same energy that connects us to each other. May we honor the breath as we honor ourselves and all beings everywhere. With compassion, respect, and humble curiousity. This mala helps to cultivate deep breaths and deeper connections.


Robin's Egg Agate

African Opal

Smoky Quartz

Quartz Guru Bead*

Dark Brown Knots


*All malas are one of a kind as the natural stones will vary in pattern, color and texture. Due to this your mala may not look exactly like the mala in the picture. It's unique and special, just like you ;)


    Malas are sacred tools designed to connect you with the most subtle and grounded aspect of your Self. Your mala is delicately hand-tied on soft cord and can be used for meditation, mantra or intention setting. Wear your mala gently to avoid breaking, snagging or wearing down of the knots. It is not recommended that you wrist wrap your mala. Store in a special place lying flat, not hanging, to avoid stretching the cord. Feel free to sage your mala at any time to clear unwanted energies.          Namaste. - Sara


    Free shipping to Hawaii and Continental US. Orders typically ship within 5-7 days of purchase however because of high demand shipping may take up to 4-6 weeks. Shipping will be via USPS. Orders shipped overseas will be subject to shipping costs. 


    No returns, exchanges or refunds once a purchase has been processed and shipped. If there are any issues with your male please feel free to contact directly through the website. Repairs can be made up to 90 days from purchase for a fee.

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