"I am the Darkness"

"I am the Darkness"

"I am the Darkness, without which there can be no light" 


The Raven reminds me that life isn't simply about being happy. No matter how hard I try I will not be able to avoid suffering. I know that ultimate joy will come when I am able to experience, tolerate and honor the entire spectrum of human emotions. 


108 Sacred Stones

Lava Rock | Black Onyx

Brass Raven Skull & Recycled Silk Sari

Black Knots



*Each mala is a unique, one of a kind piece as stones are natural and will vary in design and finish. Your mala may not look identical to that in the picuture. 






    A mala can be used as a sacred tool to support your meditation practice or can simply be a unique and wearable reminder and that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Sara Ward Malas are hand-knotted with the highest quality materials and made with an incredible amount of intention. All malas have 108 stones, wood or seed beads. A mala should be treated with respect as it is delicate and sacred. Store your mala in a special place, do not hang your mala. You can cleanse the energy of the stones any time by saging them or setting them near or in a bowl of salt (not salt water). It is not recommended to wrist wrap your mala as over time the delicate knots may stretch or fray. Allow yourself a minute or two (or 20) a day, setting intentions, chanting mantra or simply experiencing silence with your mala. Now rock your mala like the unique and expressive spiritual individual that you are!!  


    No returns, exchanges or refunds once a purchase has been processed and shipped. If there are any issues with your jewelry please feel free to contact directly through the website. Repairs can be made up to 90 days from purchase for a repair fee. 


    Free shipping to Hawaii and Continental US. Orders will be shipped 3-5 business days from date of purchase via USPS. Orders shipped overseas will be subject to shipping costs. 

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