Spirituality & Sādhana; 

Waking Up in the Modern World 


This workshop explores the idea that we must shift our current paradigm to a more spiritual and subtle perspective if we are to not only survive but thrive in the world to come. Shifting a paradigm means not simply changing how we think about and understand the world but especially how we experience the world around and within ourselves. Cultivating a daily personal practice that allows for a more subtle experience of our minds, bodies, relationships and surroundings could be the key to the shift into a healthy and vital future for ourselves, our planet and future generations.  


This workshop will inquire into...

-What is spirituality? 

-Why hasn't spirituality fully arrived in our modern Western culture?

-What does consistent personal practice have to offer us?

-How can we best organize our Sādhana (personal practice) to be most effective in creating a stable, subtle and sacred life?  

This 2 hour all-levels workshop includes lecture, discussion and contemplative practices.

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Honolulu, HI | Telluride, CO