The Art of Self Study


In order to study the self/Self, we must first understand that we are both a dynamic being in constant flux as well as the unchanging, indescribable and ever present source of all things everywhere. This workshop will allow us to explore the different methods of understanding and experiencing this multidimensionality in order to know with our minds and our hearts the richness that each level of being has to offer us. 

In this workshop we will explore and experience...

-The 5 koshas (layers of experience) of the human condition

-The difference between intellectual understanding and experiential knowledge; jnana vs vijnana

-The methods and techniques used to gain access to subtler layers of being

​-The benefits and methods of contemplative practice

​-The nature of the Self; the blissful core of our being

This 2 hour all-levels workshop is designed to inspire self/Self inquiry.

It consists of lecture, discussion and contemplative practices. 

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Honolulu, HI | Telluride, CO