What is a mala?

A mala is a sacred tool designed to support your meditation practice. Malas have been used for thousands of years as a way to concentrate during meditation. Typically made with 27, 54, 108 or 216 beads, you can count your breath or mantra by passing the beads through your fingers one by one. In our ever-changing and over-stimulating modern lives it is easy to be distracted by the many fluctuations of the world around and within us. Recitation of mantra, called japa, or simple breath counting can be powerful tools to help you stay focused when the mind has a tendency to move rapidly from one thought to the next. The Earth energy of the stones combined with heartfelt intention and practical technique can open a door to an intimate and lasting experience of bliss and presence. Choose a mala that "calls" to you. Being physically and energetically attracted to your mala will help to inspire a consistent practice and allow you to be reminded of your unique and sacred spiritual journey as you move through your daily life. 

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