The Art of Self Study

In this workshop we will explore and experience...
-The 5 koshas (layers of experience) of the human condition
-The difference between intellectual understanding and experiential knowledge; jñ
āna vs vijñāna
-The methods and techniques used to gain access to subtler layers of being
​-The benefits of contemplative practice
​-The nature of the Self; the blissful core of our being

Spirituality & Sādhana;

Waking up in the Modern World

This workshop will inquire into...
-What is spirituality? 
-Why hasn't spirituality fully arrived in our modern Western culture?
-What does consistent personal practice have to offer us?
-How can we best organize our S
ādhana (personal practice) to be most effective in creating a stable, subtle and sacred life? 

Meditation; The Missing Link for Modern Yogis

This workshop will explore...

-The many misconceptions that have kept us from finding our seat as daily meditators

-Two different types of meditation and why they are both necessary and important on the path of Self discovery 

-The nature of our individual awareness and how we can guide it toward more subtle experience

-How meditation allows us to detach from our reactionary patterns and moves us in the direction of spontaneous right action that benefits ourselves and all beings everywhere

All public workshops and classes scheduled for April/May 2020 have been temporarily put on hold

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